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Whether you're brand new, a seasoned mover or someone in-between, working 1:1 gifts us an intimate container for deep care. This is the time + space to mindfully tune-in, gently unravel, foster meaningful relationships and build/refine your personalized toolkit so that you can feel supported in showing up more connected + authentically, in/out of your practice. I work compassionately with folks experiencing past/present injuries + pre/postnatal populations, so if this is you, know that I am comfortable, equipped (and excited!) to work with you.


Book a private reformer session with me at my Home Studio located in Parkdale, Toronto; at Muse Movement (Liberty Village); or at Have A Nice Day Pilates (Corktown).

mat pilates (group)

The intention behind every mat Pilates class I teach is: How can I hold space for the group of people in front of me today? Following this thread looks different each time, which is why I don't claim a specific style, level or intensity. What you can consistently expect is that classes will be biomechanically-informed, all-levels friendly and creatively sequenced to intelligently build on simple concepts.

I offer in-person mat Pilates classes at Good Space (Parkdale) as well as online (read more below!).

reformer pilates (group)

For in-person reformer Pilates (group classes), you can find me at Have A Nice Day Pilates (Corktown); Muse Movement (Liberty Village) and Fine Tune Pilates (Parkdale).


To see my full schedule, click here.


(virtual community)

If you're not in Toronto and/or simply enjoy moving at your own pace from home, you can still tune-in through HOME WORK by Good Space, a unique digital platform of practice, knowledge + community, co-created by Megan Alexander, Tash Francesca + I.

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